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  1. Prakhonchai Nick

    Prakhonchai Nick Surin Legend

    I have a garden swing, bought a couple years ago from Home Pro. The canvas seat has split. Home Pro cannot/will not assist with a new one.

    Does anyone know where locally I can buy strong canvas material, which can be sewn up to the requiresd size.
  2. nomad97

    nomad97 Ordinary member

    Jomtein Beach - pinch a deck chair when they are not looking. Ask Eanto to help, he is down there now.

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  3. nomad97

    nomad97 Ordinary member

    Seriously, do you have a picture of the seat you require?

  4. Prakhonchai Nick

    Prakhonchai Nick Surin Legend

    Somewhat similar to this

  5. Prakhonchai Nick

    Prakhonchai Nick Surin Legend

    Require approx 1.5 metre of 1.20metre wide canvas.
  6. nomad97

    nomad97 Ordinary member

  7. Prakhonchai Nick

    Prakhonchai Nick Surin Legend

  8. nomad97

    nomad97 Ordinary member

    I have not seen canvas material in Surin. However, thinking outside the box they do have a shop that specialises in waterproof canvas awnings. Its very near the City Pillar Shrine, on the Luck Muang Road, the road that runs from Buriram through the center of town (226).

    Screenshot (143).png

    Looking towards Buriram.

    Failing that, I am quite sure one of two places in town will make a new seat for you from leathercloth (as used in motorbike and car seat repairs). These shops have rolls of the material and many colours to choose from. If interested I can give you directions.
  9. Yorky

    Yorky Surin Legend

    And he has the necessary skills, being a Scouser.
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  10. CO-CO

    CO-CO Surin Legend

    It could be a bit heavy for him..... suggest he detaches the material from the wooden frame first (leaving said frame behind).
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  11. nomad97

    nomad97 Ordinary member

    Spitting razor blades today. Good to see the holiday is working for you. LOL
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  12. gotlost

    gotlost Surin Legend

    Here is a replacement suggestion.;):rolleyes::D

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  13. Yorky

    Yorky Surin Legend

    Same way as they detached the wheels from the cars?
  14. Yorky

    Yorky Surin Legend

    deck chair.jpg
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  15. FERET

    FERET Surin Legend

    Swing low sweet chariot.
  16. Eanto

    Eanto Surin Legend

    I’ve been known to squash a grape on occasion
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  17. EnglishAlan

    EnglishAlan Active Member

    Feret young man- Great song for the rugby crowd . Good on you.
  18. Merlin

    Merlin Surin Legend

    I'm searching for a source of replacement fabric for garden chairs and swings, including webbing material for one particular style of seat. Has anyone been able to find a shop - physical or online - that offers this please?
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