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  1. Mally2907

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    Ok, tried this place last night,
    On the Klong, opposite Chid Rom.
    First thing i liked was menu in English
    It has an indoor aircon area, but the tables are a little low for eating (imo)
    Food was better than Chid Rom.... in my humble western opinion.
    Was served by mainly one girl, I think "By Dong " was her name ... very efficient. Nice band on , not too loud and nice tunes.
    Friendly place, I was soon chatting with 4 Thai guys who were practicing their English with me.
    Prices were very reasonable, in fact everywhere I've been in Surin is reasonably priced.
    Steady stroll home again, I'm happy to avoid the Tuk Tuk hassle late at night.
    Really liked this place , easy to spot with all the white fairy lights outside.
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  2. Prakhonchai Nick

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    You will have to stay longer, or make a hasty return. You are our new restaurant reporter.
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  3. Eanto

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    Didn’t realize we had an old one
  4. Merlin

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    Mally: This description is of the restaurant formerly known as Kurose - owned by the same management as Green Terrace. They now share the same name too. The restaurants are next door to each other, and the one with the cascade/waterfall outside is the "original" Green Terrace. Both places share the same kitchen and (mostly) the same menu items. I agree with you that the seating in the one you visited is rather low, but the view of the waitresses is often better, and they are usually less "formal" than their colleagues. If you try the "old" Green Terrace, its aircon room is remote from the music next door, and has conventional dining chairs and tables - more comfortable for Western style eating! Give it a go, but there are fewer opportunities there to chat with other guests.
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  5. Mally2907

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    To be honest it looked closed, excavations going on outside blocked the way in so you had to go into the left hand part.
  6. Yorky

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    Some of us may remember accessing Thermae through the gent's toilet!
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  7. Prakhonchai Nick

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    Did that many a time -the original Thermae that was. That must have been back in the late 80's.
  8. Cent


    My wife and I ate at Green Terrace last night. Still good foods and cold beers. Good air con (was actually a bit chilly toward the end of our meal), ate inside but could have easily eaten outside as the temperature was nice with a mild breeze. Haven't been in a long while so was hoping the food/cook etc were still good. Had a nice Penang chicken curry and some fried breaded shrimp cakes. My wife had some other Thai food she said was good. We split 2 large Heinekens. Bill was 800 baht. I will return. Bear and I used to hang there in the hot afternoons sucking down some cold brews, chilling out, and discussing how to save the world. Lord I miss that man.

    Across the street there was another place with food and drinks with a live band we may check out next week. Kurose, or whatever it is called now, next door had live music as well. Too tired to go and have a couple more beers though. Maybe next week. Saw another newer place up the road by the klong car crossing I'd like to pop in and check out as well. That area is humming and seems like a good soi for a night out. Staff at Green Terrace was great. Food came out quick after ordering. A nice night and dinner.
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  9. Coffee

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    Nice review.

    And Bear surely is missing you although he's enjoying himself with his other buds until you make an appearance.
    He says no rush Cent, as he would rather wait. ;):innocent:
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  10. Ivor the Engine

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    Wow! That’s some telephone you got there!
    Such a nice guy and surely missed by many.

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    Nice story Cent, for some reason, above my pay grade, Cent's post did not appear in 'What's new" or in any other alerts. I only stumbled across it because it was high up on the Homepage. I don't know how this site works but it seems strange that a new post in a topic is not advertised in some way?
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  12. Cent


    Wombat, That's because it was a 'reply' to an existing thread. A new thread will appear. Depends on how busy the log is showing posts if it is visible or sinks to the bottom of that latest posts list.
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