Looking for English teacher to teach in primary school in Prakhonchai area

Discussion in 'Prakon Chai Area' started by aparasher, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. aparasher

    aparasher Guest

    I am looking for English teacher to teach in a government primary school in Prakhonchai area. Applicant should be a native English speaker with teaching experience and suitable qualification.

    You will get all the breaks during the day and public holidays like local teacher and a salary of approx. 30,000 baht per month.

    Please send your responses to aparasher@yahoo.com.
  2. Danny boy

    Danny boy Surin Farang Founder Staff Member

    Currently doing my TEFL, but won't be back till November:)
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  3. aparasher

    aparasher Guest

    They are looking for teacher now.
  4. Bronco

    Bronco New Member

    why cant you get an agecy teacher lol
  5. stevo

    stevo Surin Legend

    Just to let you know Danny...a TEFL is not a requirement to teach in Thailand. It is recognised by most schools but is of no use when trying to get a Visa and WP.

    Current requirements are to have or currently be studying for a Bachelor Degree.

    SANGKA Surin Legend

    I have one of them.:smile:
  7. Ivor the Engine

    Ivor the Engine Administrator

    Unless you work with older students in a Uni where experience can be taken into consideration along with other qualifications.

    or you know somebody in authority! 55555555555

    SANGKA Surin Legend

    He's got his fingers in a few pies ivor..:tongue:
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