Motorsport event will be bright as a Button

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    Motorsport event will be bright as a Button
    By Lerpong Amsa-ngiam
    The Nation Weekend


    Ex-Formula One world champion Jenson Button will be among several high-profile racing drivers in Buri Ram at the end of the month.

    The exhilaration of high-speed racing returns to the Chang International Circuit Buri Ram for “Chang Super GT Race 2019”, a world-class event, from June 29–30.

    Panther Arto Team Thailand’s Nattapong Hortongkum and Nattavude Charoensukhawatana are the two local hopes taking part in the GT300 category of the Japan-based competition. Out of eight circuits, the Buri Ram stop is the only one taking place outside Japan.

    The event is being staged for the sixth successive year in Thailand and this year motorsport fans will be served up a variety of Thai-Japanese entertainment activities, on top of the racing that will be staged throughout the weekend.

    Sports Authority of Thailand governor Dr Gongsak Yodmanee said that over the five years the Chang International Circuit had hosted motorsport both foreign and local fans had responded extremely well to the events. Thousands of Thai and foreign fans, particularly Japanese, are expected to attend this year’s event.

    “This event will help Thailand generate massive income for its economy, as well as improve the talent of Thai drivers taking part in the race,” Gongsak said.

    “SAT is ready to support this event in order to push and improve the abilities of Thai drivers on a global stage, build a reputation for Thailand and promote sport as a way to create economic opportunities in the region.”

    Tanaisiri Chanvitayarom, managing director of the Chang International Circuit, said that the highlight of Super GT would be a stunning line up of world-class race cars equipped with the latest technologies. The top-tier GT500 class features the most advanced technology from car manufacturers.

    In addition to Japan’s top drivers, that race will also feature some of the world’s best drivers, including two other former F1 drivers: the 2009 British champion Jenson Button and Finland’s Heikki Kovalainen.

    The GT300 class features supercars from leading car manufacturers around the world, while Thai fans are likely to cheer the Panther Arto Team Thailand, the only Thai team competing over the weekend.

    “Besides enjoying the excitement of Chang Super GT Race 2019, fans can indulge in the various fun activities and entertainment such as the Pit Walk, where supercars worth billions will be on display, as well as meet and greet world-class drivers,” said Tanasiri.


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    Didn’t know he was world champ but I’m pretty sure he’s gay. Go figure
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    What's his sexual preference got to do with it ? :confused:
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    I don’t know him personally so only as a third person. Surely there should be more press on his sporting prowess than his sexuality, but there isn’t
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    Like many Formula One drivers, Button resides in the principality of Monaco, although he did live in Guernsey for 18 months before returning to Monaco in 2012. He also has properties in the UK and Bahrain.[175][176] His hobbies include mountain biking, competing in triathlons and body boarding, and his car collection includes a Nissan GT-R, a 1956 VW Campervan, a Honda S600 and a Mercedes C63 AMG, a McLaren 675LT Spider, McLaren P1, numerous Ferraris and his championship winning Brawn BGP 001. In 2013, Button announced his plans to sell his Ferrari Enzo at an auction.[177] He previously owned a Honda NSX Type R and a Bugatti Veyron.[178]

    He was engaged to the actress and singer Louise Griffiths before ending their five-year relationship in May 2005.[179] In 2009, Button began dating model Jessica Michibata.[180] On 14 February 2014[181] Button proposed to Michibata,[182] and the two married in Hawaii in December 2014.[183] In December 2015, Button announced they had split up after one year of marriage.[184][185] In 2016 Button started dating model Brittny Ward.[186]

    Button has at least three tattoos: a black coat button on his right forearm; a large tribal design encompassing his left shoulder and upper chest; and Japanese kanji-characters on his ankle which says "一番" (Ichi ban, "Number One" in Japanese); this was done before he won the world title, and is the name of Button's triathlon team. Since mid-2010, the same legend has appeared on Button's race helmet.[187] Button is also a brand ambassador for Head & Shoulders, and has appeared in advertising campaigns for the company.[188]

    Button is also involved in charitable work through the creation of The Jenson Button Trust.[189] Established in March 2010, the Trust provides donations to a number of charitable causes. Each year the Trust will select and nominate charitable beneficiaries to which the funds will be distributed.

    On 5 September 2011, Button opened a restaurant on Beulah Street in Harrogate called Victus,[190] but it closed after less than a year in trading. Button's manager Richard Goddard said "unfortunately the business was launched in an economy which then continued to slide and just hasn't stopped, with people simply not having the disposable income needed to spend in restaurants."[191]

    On 12 January 2014, Button's father John died at his home on the French Riviera, aged 70. John, whom Jenson called "Papa Smurf", is thought to have died from a heart attack. John was a constant member of Jenson's small entourage.[192]

    On 3 August 2015, Button and his wife Jessica were burgled at a rented Saint-Tropez home while staying with friends when robbers looted the house and stole belongings worth £300,000, including his wife's £250,000 engagement ring. Reports suggested that the couple might have been gassed through the air conditioning system prior to the burglars' entry into the building.[193]

    On 18 October 2015, Button won a triathlon competition at Hermosa Beach, California.[194]

    On 8 December 2016 Button was awarded an honorary doctorate in engineering from the University of Bath.[195]

    On 12 June 2018 Button got engaged to former Playboy model Brittny Ward after two years of dating.[196]

    On 18 January 2019 he announced that he and Brittny were expecting their first child together.
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    I don't think he is gay !
    His current partner and mother to be of his baby.
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    I suppose I could have just read Wikipedia ...
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    So more Trump fake news!
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    I always mix him up with Judd Trump anyway
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