Saffron Restaurant - New restaurant in Surin

Discussion in 'Restaurants and Places to eat in Surin' started by Cent, Jun 21, 2020.

  1. Yorky

    Yorky Surin Founding Father

    Are they still there?
  2. Coffee

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    I recall an ice cream and a wedding dress shoppe along with a few empty spaces across from Celebrate.

    I really wouldn't know nor pay much attention as they're rarely open after the sun goes down.

    Possibly Cent, Pat or Francoise would be best to guage.
  3. Ivor the Engine

    Ivor the Engine Nowhere man

    I have no idea either as I think they might have opened around the time I went to live in UK, then SSK

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  4. Cent


    The places with patios out front will likely get some custom. Seats and drinkers for the shoppers looking for a rest. Possibly. Celebrate may get extra custom. Who knows. Obviously some Thais think it will work having another night market. It may help expose the restaurants there to new possible custom. Or, with maybe many small inexpensive food stalls it may take custom from the restaurants. I personally think it will fuck up the parking spaces along there. There's already few spots to park except down the far end.
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