Together Farm @ Tops Market Surin

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    Certified by the Department of Agriculture and Tops Market Lobinsion Surin. All grown at the Together Farm. Three partners that are making this happen. DOA & Tops have made inspection and tours of the sites. One and sometimes 2 deliveries a month to Tops. The boss departed about 7 am this morning with a packed pu and returned about 6 pm.
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    I am getting more info. SWMBO tells me there are 5 people in on this and it goes on sell the 27 of the month at Tops. Me boss spent 30 minutes talking with a lady from Tops as we were out and she had to pull over and stop the truck.:rolleyes: While I'm on this.. There is a brand new building on the south side of the Kap Choeng Hospital which I was told it would be a Herbal Clinic aka Legal DOOBIES:D:D We then went down towards Chong Chom and they are busting loose on the construction of the 214. The other big news that has to do with the Together Farm, you remember I have mentioned a very large section of land (100rai) about 2/3 dow on your left going to CC. On the highway side there is construction fence and entrance and a man camp inside, On the fence there is large Ptt emblem among others. I was informed that a group involved with Tops have secured a shop at this location.:rolleyes::D
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