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    Since a recent soap opera there has been a fad in Thailand to return the country to traditional wear.
    Dear Rama 5 The great. will be upping his rotation speed in his grave/Urn. As another of his Laws are upturned.
    He dragged Siam into the 19th century screaming and dragging their feet. Then followed by Field Marshal Plaek Pibulsongkram the man of great vision. He was a two-time prime minister (1938-1944, 1948-1957) , he plunged into Rama 5's program to accelerate the pace of modernising the country. He changed the country’s name from Siam to Thailand in 1939 and was the person who started the sense of nationalism we have today. He had it in mind that “Thailand” would no longer be “underdeveloped and barbaric” in foreigners’ eyes. Thailand would leave the old embarrassing Siam behind.

    Before Rama 5 and Field Marshal Plaek Pibulsongkram it was common for Thai women not to cover their breasts. As is evident in the pictures below .


    Let us now skip to present day and the government suggests after a poll. That all should return to traditional wear for Songkran.

    You can see where I am going with this !!!!

    Given also the deities of Songkran are depicted below.



    Has the government now given consent for women to go topless and emulate the deity's Nang Songran.

    All I can say is please bring it on.

    Maybe now they can cease the never ending Songkran morality crap. But I doubt it in the country where rewriting history is a national past time.

    Kind of Rant now over.
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    Wonder if the ladies will go as far as to start getting those butch flat top hair dos. :-O
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    Unless they get their tits out, even more reason to stay home over Songkran :)
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    DSC_4881 (1).JPG

    This is what happens if your significant other likes the idea of going trad itional ( March 2561 Lamduan Festival Sisaket )
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    Then meet me in OK bar with the lads afterwards!!!!!

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    C' mon I didn t wear the headscarf to the OK, It was hardly noticeable I was wearing a sarong. 555
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    It was nice to see you both anyways.

    We are well used to a wildlife in SSK (see attached. Bird out of a cage, springs to mind!)
    That’s at the newly re-named ex-Dude Bar.
    Yes [​IMG]

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    Your being watched, Big Boy!
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