Video: Horror at Surin parade as young woman picked up by angry elephant

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    Video: Horror at Surin parade as young woman picked up by angry elephant


    Picture: Sanook

    A Surin 19 year old was lucky to escape death or serious injury after an elephant picked her up and smashed her into shops and trees.

    The incident - all caught on video - happened at a parade celebrating Thai silk at the grounds outside the municipal offices at Khewasinarin, Surin in Thailand's north east.

    Sanook reported that people looked on in horror after a ten year old elephant involved in the parade grabbed Nichanart Manujam and her skirt became entangled in its tusk.

    As "Plai Pan Thong" thrashed about smashing stalls and a motorbike Nichanart held on for dear life.

    People online suggested that this is what saved her life as she could have been killed had she been tossed off by the pachyderm.

    The mahout called Wan tried to stop the incident by hitting his charge over the head with a hook.

    After some time other elephants were brought in to calm Plai Pan Thong down.

    Provincial governor Praphat Malakarn offered assistance to the victim after the incident yesterday evening.

    She was taken to a local hospital after treatment by foundation medics at the scene.

    She was later allowed to go home. She had suffered injuries as a result of being thrust into shops and a tree.

    Nichanart is a student at Ratchaphat University in Surin.

    Source: Sanook


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    From what I could see the poor fukin elephant did not have hold of her and was trying to get away from her.
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    Yes agreed. It seems her dress got caught in one of it's tusks, she responds to it's efforts to shake her off by clinging on tightly to it's trunk. This only upset's the Elephant more, and it increases it's efforts to rid itself of this unwelcome passenger. Just like any of us would do faced with some creepy Crawley
    That we had landed on us. I think both parties thought they were doing the right thing in their own minds.
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    The article states the elephant grabbed the girl first, anyway, how could a dress get entangled in the tusk before she was picked up? I don't understand how either of you could come to your conclusions. At the end the elephant makes a serious attempt at gouging her into the ground, fortunately she managed to flee before getting crushed.
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    The verdict is. Elephant innocent of all charges on grounds of diminished responsibility due to hardship and duress. Stop this cruelty now!

    PS I am glad the young girl got off lightly with a few scratches and bruises.
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    I just read a translated update about this incident and........I'm none the wiser. Words mentioned in the translation were, corset, tight hands, sesame, Exeter, ......
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