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Welcome to Surin, Isaan, Thailand

cropped-uploadfromtaptalk1383271730689.jpgHello and Welcome to Surin Farang.

The Gateway to ‘Isaan, Isarn, Esarn, Issan’

Surin Farang was founded in 2008 by Alan of & his son Danny, their wish was to bring the community of Surin Expats together.

Surin is now a thriving City in the heart of Isaan.

Great Hotels, Restaurants and transportation in and out of the City.

More and more bars/restaurants opening up all the time, mainly catering for Thais, but the food and drink prices in these locations are very cheap and the food very tasty.

The City is fairly relaxed all year round, apart from one weekend in November when the City is invaded my Elephants and Tourists for the ‘Elephant Roundup’

Please Join and Post on the FORUM and one of our Surin-ites will give you a Helping hand and push you in the right direction.

Thank you, and enjoy your stay in SURIN

Buriram Farang

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