Majestic Hotel: warning re bookings

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  1. Are you aware that the Yellow Bank&ATM's are free of the 150b charge,Baz
    There are 4 in Surin and the Bank of Ayudhya

    1) in BigC opp KFC (I think you know were that is )
    2) Tesco in foyer
    3) PTT Station before Army Base
    4) outside Bank nr BKK Bank & main P.O.
  2. surin

    surin Guest

    Dave...Are you saying that withdrawals from Bank of Ayudhya are not charging the 150 baht fee??
  3. Yes and they never have when using a 'Foriegn' ATM card. Thats how I get to my UK pension.
  4. alan crisp

    alan crisp Guest

    Whats their exchange rate like,there has to be a catch somewhere :?
  5. its comparable with BKK Bank. The catch is they are propably getting loads more witdrawals and accounts than their competitors
  6. Baz

    Baz Guest

    You're quite right Dave, This time I have brought spending money over ie; for the market, calling in at Stafford's, Harley's Bar, Coffee Corner and Makro for T-bone steaks, so have no real need to draw out.
    But thanks for the advice of where it's free if I ever do need to. :001_Thank_You5:
  7. Baz

    Baz Guest

    Alan, CR used to have a link that gave you all the banks rate at one time for the day, or should I say by the hour, he has given it to me twice but I have lost the bloody link twice, but if we can get it back off him it is really helpful, you can check it before you go out to change any money and see who has the best rate at that time.
    Ayudha Banks almost have the best rates all the time.
  8. As a Mod, he could place it on here as a 'sticky' item that remains on top of the thread list.
  9. alanthebuilder

    alanthebuilder Administrator

    Are the T- bone,s any good mate ?
  10. Baz

    Baz Guest

    They were pretty good Alan, I cooked them on an electric grill that i'd bought.
    I find that the steaks in general are good from Makro. They are frozen Alan, but let them thaw out properly and they look and cook good. :GrinNod1:
  11. cockneyrebel

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    Dave on number 4 are you referring to the one near the train station out side the bank Bank of Ayudhya itself , if not there are 5 . will look on other comp later for the link (Baz i told you to save it in your favs) :Beer1:
  12. cockneyrebel

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  13. Moderators

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    Old thread sorry.

    How is the Majestic Hotel these days. Not so new and gleaming, I'd Guess?

    Has the broken tiles in the pool been mended yet???
  14. gotlost

    gotlost Surin Founding Father

    Hear they are pulling nickers out of the cracks.
  15. DKPete

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    Just tried to book with Majestic over X-mas / New year - they said no problem - however the pool will be closed until mid January 2020 !!! They did offer transport to a nearby fitness center with outdoor pool free of charge......
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  16. chris. H

    chris. H Guest

    There are nicer hotels very close by with a lot more entertainment. I only book it because I use it as a stop over next to the bus station and saves lugging cases around.
  17. Benson

    Benson Forum Sponsor

    Well their pool is in good shape, swam in it this morning and the next 2 weeks.
    As Energy Gym and Pool is closed for 2weeks. Majestic Hotel and Energy Gym same owner.
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  18. Benson

    Benson Forum Sponsor

    5 minutes ago reception told me Majestic Hotel is closed.
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  19. Coffee

    Coffee Surin Dinosaur

    I surmise that means the pool is officially closed too.
    Don't press your luck @Benson :innocent:
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