'Beach bar' opening by Frenchman

Discussion in ''The Beach' bar, Soi kola' started by alanthebuilder, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. SurinJoe

    SurinJoe Surin Legend

    There was a good crowd last night with Mike DJing. Lots of fun!!

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  2. Croc

    Croc Surin Legend

    I'm already salivating at the idea of "tartines avec rillettes de porc" and some shaken margaritas ... à mercredi Francois .. je serais accompagné de deux lascars anglais qui ont réellement besoin de bonne éducation alimentaire !!!!
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  3. westofhere

    westofhere Surin Legend

    I had a good time as well, but glad I left when I did. Was feeling a bit tipsy. Nice crowd of peeps and a good vibe!
  4. fansuhua55

    fansuhua55 Well-Known Member

    Thank you Mike for this nice post. We will keep the happy hour starting now at 4pm, right when we open, just to get some more comments and more importantly to keep our customers happy and smiling.
    We served some teachers yesterday a beautiful paella, Patrick can confirm. feeds 4 voracious appetites and goes at 800 baths including 4 glasses of sangria. Just order the day before at fderiviere71@gmail.com
    Cheers and see you soon
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  5. alanthebuilder

    alanthebuilder Administrator

    What was In the paella ?
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  6. fansuhua55

    fansuhua55 Well-Known Member


    The paella has, as any other honest Spanish paella, chicken drums, spicy sausage, squid mussels and big prawns.
    Order one day before, minimum serving 4 people.
    Happy New Year
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  7. alanthebuilder

    alanthebuilder Administrator

    Is this place still busy ?
    It's a buzzing bar ,but more a bar than a restaraunt I think .
  8. Prakhonchai Nick

    Prakhonchai Nick Surin Legend

    It could be both in my view, if there were proper seating for diners.
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  9. CO-CO

    CO-CO Surin Legend

    Agree, there is no doubt about the food quality.

    Challenging though, I think it is hard (particularly for a single shop house) to be both a bar and a restaurant.
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  10. SurinJoe

    SurinJoe Surin Legend

    The Beach, with loud music, people all singing drunk together, dancing all around, wouldn't work for a sit down restaurant. That's what makes The Beach what it is and such a success. If he toned it down and tried to make it a restaurant it would just be another Farang Connection or Norbies and loose all of his business. The food at The Beach is about the best in Surin but you have to eat in a bar atmosphere.
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  11. SurinJoe

    SurinJoe Surin Legend

    I was at The Beach on Monday night and counted over 20 customers at midnight. When I left at 1:30 am there was still 6 or 7. He is doing quite well with his business plan.
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  12. CO-CO

    CO-CO Surin Legend

    I think that is spot on Joe.

    I might therefore question the benefit of producing something like a paella which is better suited to a sit down restaurant style.

    His canapes are excellent, maybe concentrating on things like this may be a more natural fit with the environment.
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  13. Little India

    Little India Forum Sponsor

    He is changing it up all the time, 1 week burger & fries, next pulled pork sandwich, then cottage pie, all really easy to eat bar food & everything I have eaten was fantastic, it’s the most fun place in Surin by a mile & I’m thankful they have come to Surin.

    Forget the seating it’s like a proper bar where you can dance & eat your burger at the same time, perfect place to take your wife, mia noi or kick :)

    The owners are awesome.

    Everybody has a opinion yet nobody has done anything better.
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  14. Bear

    Bear Surin Legend

    Agree 100%.
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  15. CO-CO

    CO-CO Surin Legend

    The mental image of you shaking your stuff whilst eating a burger is enough to put anyone off from going.... LMAO1

    (oops sorry, is this not the barstool section.....)
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  16. Coffee

    Coffee Guest

    I would agree with Joe and Lil Ind's words (above) as to the establishment.

    In the owners own words
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