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Discussion in 'Lemon Lounge, Prasat' started by SurinJoe, May 31, 2013.

  1. Prakhonchai Nick

    Prakhonchai Nick Surin Founding Father

    Was also for your and the GL's anticipated visit too! :biggrin:
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  2. Coffee

    Coffee Guest

    5 observations on Lemon opening

    1) Alan & staff were spot on - great service and hospitality
    2) obviously Alan has had experience in a bar setting before...and it shows !
    3) a pleasant setting & well done bar
    4) with or without SF.com the opening turnout would have been a success...though
    the additional members helped fill out the room (as I recall that empty table was full
    by 8:pm.)
    5) the only thing missing was a SF.com banner or placard to help the cause of this web-site (free advertisement)

    Thank you again Alan (& staff) for your wonderful hospitality and the SF.com & Croc for your "bhats-man-ship" assuring a successful first night ! Wishing you continued success !

    Additionally it was my sincere pleasure to meet many of you to assist in putting a face on your threads...until we meet again ;-))

    just my observations...
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  3. fulhamster

    fulhamster Guest

    A bit tricky as Prasat is a long way from Pattaya !!!

    However next time I'm up to the village I'll try to have a lunch stop.
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  4. gotlost

    gotlost Surin Founding Father

    Very bad idea on open forums to put names to faces and to post ones email address.
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  5. Meanwhile in Facebook Land....:D
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  6. bartomeer

    bartomeer Surin Legend

    Looks like a nice spot. Good luck in your new venture M2Y2.
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  7. Cent


    Mai hew Hamstah! Well, they usually post the date for a SF.com meeting quite a while ahead of time for these, and argue about it for a month or two. 555555. Plenty of warning for you to get your NCA bus ticket and 500 baht a night hotel room all set to attend a meeting. :) Just do it, as the commercial says. ThumbUp6
  8. mango 2 you 2

    mango 2 you 2 Surin Legend

    A Huge Thank You

    Manow and myself would like to thank everyone for their support, custom and company last night, we could not have dreamt for a better turn out of lovely people giving us their support..

    It was frantic at one point but our two lovely ladies steadied the ship well...i hope so anyway.

    As i said last night and before, we will be serving food in the near future once we get settled, so if anyone has any specific requests please let us know and we will give it our thoughts.

    We would be more than happy to put up a SurinFarang banner ...ATB

    Also any complaints and ideas for the Lemon Lounge will be welcome also, we like to please ...

    Once again very kind regards to all who attended......Manow,Alan
  9. Croc

    Croc Cannot re - Member

    My pleasure alan, you got a great place ... keep it going ... hope to see you soon ... it's only 105 km one way but it was worth it ... thanks
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  10. mango 2 you 2

    mango 2 you 2 Surin Legend

    Very pleased to meet you, thankyou
  11. konfusedone

    konfusedone Guest

    its Aaron, I miss the lemon lounge see you in december

    Is this Allens place
  12. SANGKA

    SANGKA Cannot re - Member

    Yes it is , the handsome Bar Steward. ThumbUp6
  13. gotlost

    gotlost Surin Founding Father

    Not really its his wife's whose name just happens to be Manāw or lemon in Thai.:cool:
  14. SANGKA

    SANGKA Cannot re - Member

    Wel i never knew that, and there's me with 127 Seedless Lemon trees, in my garden.


    Have a nice day..
  15. gotlost

    gotlost Surin Founding Father

    But M2Y2 is the dosh be hind the scene..:wink:
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